Thursday, February 7, 2013

100 Things

A lot of bloggers have been doing lists of 100 things about themselves... we'll see how I do.
#1  My name is Ashley.
#2  I have a daughter named Sydney.
#3  I am a widow.
#4  I won't be #3 for long as I am engaged.
#5  I enjoy running especially in warm weather.
#6  Dr. Pepper 10 kick starts my morning.
#7  I love to read.
#8  I am a registered nurse in an Emergency Department.
#9  My first choice for career in college was Journalism.
#10  I changed my major to nursing when I realized it was a high job security field.
#11  I have two older brothers.  One of them is in Afghanistan.
#12  I LOVE music.  I especially love doing #5 while listening to a great playlist.
#13  I like horseback riding.
#14  Hiking, camping, and exploring the outdoors are where I feel the most alive.
#15  I am an introvert, but haven't always been.
#16  I am somewhat decent at speaking Spanish.
#17  I have one childhood friend left.  I've known him since I was 16.  I don't know where the rest are.
#18  #17 Saddens me.  I mean, how could people who meant so much at one time just disappear.
#19  I wish I lived on a ranch in Montana.
#20  I wish I knew how to use my fancy camera, but I don't.
#21  I am addicted to watching the television show Golden Girls before going to sleep.
#22  I frequently have nightmares.  I don't think #21 and #22 correlate.
#23  I bite my fingernails.  It's disgusting.  I hate it.  I can quit for 2 months at a time.
#24  I have blue eyes.
#25  Hippos are my favorite animals.
#26  Getting tired of this list making already.
#27  My pet peeve is laziness at the workplace.
#28  I support the right to bare arms.
#29  I also believe in strict background checks prior to being able to obtain a firearm.
#30  I would like to visit New Zealand.
#31  Parasites scare me.
#32  I'm tired of this list thing.
#33  I realize that it is likely no one care to read 100 things about me anyway.
#34  It's my blog, so I don't care.
#35  I can't dance.
#36  Yellow is my favorite color.
#37  I like singing in the shower/car.
#38  I'm done.

38% isn't bad...right?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Life At Present

There have been several changes since the beginning of the year. To start... I'm engaged. Zack has decided to commit himself to me for the rest of his life. That last sentence sounds a little like he's checking himself into an insane asylum. Which is probably is. I'm moody, temperamental, lacking confidence (or backbone), and a tad bit needy because of my separation anxiety. But guess what, he doesn't care. He loves me. Said he'll love me til the day he dies. Which better not be anytime soon because I don't think I could handle going through that a second time.

That's the proof. He did a great job picking out the ring. Sydney just loves Zack. Speaking of Sydney, she's now two. She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, playing puzzles, and is talking up a storm. She's completely potty trained. We're working on the paci. I think it's as much of a crutch for me as it is for her.  She just sleeps so good with it and I'm afraid I'll be up every hour again if I take it away.
She had her birthday at chuck e cheese.  She loved it.  Especially the kiddie rides, but only if you didn't turn them on.

All is well.  Life is good.  I have my ups and downs, my occasional bad dreams, but I'm doing just fine.