Monday, October 29, 2012

Here Comes the Cold

I like cold weather.  I like wearing sweat shirts and long pants and bundling up a warm blanket.
I like snuggling with my munchkin
Syd's new favorite thing is to tell everyone thank you.  Which is really polite, but loses its sincerity over time.

Right now we miss Sydney's uncle, my brother, Ryan.  He's deployed to Afghanistan for at least another 7 months.  These pictures are from the weekend before his deployment.  I had a shirt made for Sydney.  The front says Rakkasan which is Ryan's troop name.

I have to believe everything will be okay.  If I lived in fear, I'd never let Sydney leave the house.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Where Does the Time Go?

I'm frustrated with the state of the world.  All the hate, lies, and manipulation people use to get what they want. 
I'm also tired of people taking and not giving... abusing the system. 
I hate that I work in a place where people can come in and use services for non emergent situations and think they will never have to pay.  For people who drink themselves into comas and turn up here for detox just to get sober for a couple of days and return again for their next "free detox."
People who constantly abuse illegal drugs and turn here when their trip goes bad.
I'm developing a jaded attitude here.