Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Too Tired to Dream

Ever since I was a little girl, when something semi-traumatic happens I process all the emotions and feelings with series of dreams/bad dreams/nightmares all depending on the situation. I've been having all those since last year about August. It's usually a nightly ritual and I've learned to convince myself it's not real. I've been working a lot the last couple of days and in fact today will be my third day in a row. The good news with this is I'm just too tired to dream. It's been nice to not wake up with a rapid heart rate and feeling panicky. There's a little positive in every negative. Negative: Having to work so hard. Positive: Sound, hard, honest to goodness sleep. People of the county in which I live in... Today, be happy, be healthy, be careful, and for goodness sake stop trying to kill yourselves. It's not fun for anyone involved, especially you.

Friday, February 17, 2012

When You Say the Word "Advanced"

Sydney had her first birthday. It was mellow and low key with a small group of family and friends. Sydney loved it. Sat in her cake and ate enough to provide enough calories for a small village. She only has one first birthday. I loved every minute of her giggles and squeals.
This was her in progress of getting up to sit in it.
This is the after math. Anyway. Sydney had her first year check up with the pediatrician this week. Said Syd is of normal weight and height for a baby of her age... just under the 50th percentile. But those words were uttered that every mother gets slightly giddy over hearing "she's really advanced for her age." I just stared at the pediatrician needing clarification. The pediatrician went further to explain that Sydney obviously can follow commands as she obeys me when I ask her to do things, she runs across the room, knows how to turn the pages of a book, etc. I was giddy. My baby is advanced. I'd love her if she was a dummy. Honestly.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Soundtrack to My Life

I love music of all kinds. Certain genres are my favorite, but I'm really not prejudiced to a good tune if it's from a taboo genre. Pandora is my favorite place to listen to music. I have 7 different stations all of which I listen to at some point or another. Work days I wake up and get ready to my Band of Horse's station. Exercise?? Today's Hip Hop and R&B... come on now.. it makes me run faster. When I shower... the station is "girl country" and I can sing along to most every song. Cooking in the kitchen and I've got "guy country" on because ever girl wants to believe they're making that meal for the love of their life which will be coming home shortly from work. When I'm feeling moody or mellow, I listen to Dawes radio which is an eclectic collection of Dr. Dog and Dawes that tends to make me be a little introspective. Nickel Creek and The Civil Wars radio are there simply because I like folk music and like the sound of a mandolin. I listen to them whenever I'm not doing any of the above listed tasks. AND... on top of that. I do through a little classical music in there. Sydney has been doing nap time with classical music in the background since 4 months old. Won't go to nap time without it. I'm developing a mini genius here in this house. She loves music and will dance to anything that comes on. I can't wait til she can SING and dance along.